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Chelsea forward explains why he doesn’t like VAR; The new Chelsea man seem to not be all for VAR

Chelsea Forward have been very decisive when talking about the Video Assistant Referee and why he doesn’t like it very much given that it ruined his debut for Chelsea.

Joao Felix is looking to advance his stay at Chelsea with more goals and helping the team as much as possible but one of the things he believes stopping him is the VAR system that usually makes his games seen to be too watched.

In a pre match interview much to everyone’s shock he has made it clear that he does not like the VAR and gives his reasons saying;

“No, I don’t like it much. It has reduced the number of mistakes [referees] make in football, but football is a game of mistakes. Just as the players make mistakes, so too do referees sometimes. That’s football.”
He added:

“Within a few years it’s going to be like basketball: time will get taken up [with video reviews], and they’ll limit how much time you’ve got to attack. Football is great the way it is, and I think it would be more exciting without VAR, because there’d be mistakes that create controversy.” 

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