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Chelsea legend underlines his loyalty, Promises Chelsea and its fans never to turn back on them; Full Details

Azplicueta has said it before and he is saying it again that his loyalty to Chelsea is not negotiable and this his last statement here clarifies it.

Azpi, also known simply as “Dave” by Chelsea fans, said he could not leave the club during the sanctions.

“I could have signed an agreement in January [2022] to join a team abroad as a free agent in the summer, but I never had it in my mind. I wanted to be with the club during a difficult situation.”

“I had better options in terms of contract years and salary elsewhere, but that’s not what I wanted. I’ve been here for over 10 years. I’ve had a chance to create an amazing relationship with the fans, the club, employees. I could not leave”

To see this type of loyalty nowadays in Football is rare, yes, Azpi is a legend and club captain, but money is money and Football is Football, it’s turning into a business more than a sport nowadays, he could have easily jumped ship.

He also recently received an award for reaching 500 Chelsea appearances, something only previously achieved by six others (Petr Cech, John Hollins, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Peter Bonetti and Ron Harris).

The Chelsea captain also talked about this season, insisting that despite the bad season so far, players are coming back from injury and the club have to refuse to give up on finishing in the top four places.

Despite reports suggesting Thomas Tuchel was the kingpin behind Cesar’s new deal, the Blues legend re iterated he had full confidence from the new owners going into the new era.

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