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This man should not be playing for Chelsea he doesn’t belong to this level of football; Leboeuf to Marc Cucurella

Marc Cucurella has been told point blank that he should not be playing for Chelsea as he is not qualified to be in a team like Chelsea by Frank Leboeuf.

It is a good thing now that Ben Chiwell is back and will assume that position again as he was out due to injury for the longest of time and Cucurella is being used as his right hand sub.

Former Chelsea Leboeuf has seen enough already, and his quotes as picked up by the Sun were pretty damning:

“[Chelsea fans] don’t want to see Cucurella anymore. With all due respect to a man that I don’t know, the player is not good enough for Chelsea. It’s as simple as that.

“It’s crazy that they signed him for £60m or £70m, but we can see that he doesn’t belong to this level.”

It’s very strong stuff, and we’re not going to be persuaded to write Cucurella off that easily. But Frank is right – it’s not been nearly good enough so far, and fans are desperate to see Chilwell back.

The worse Cucurella does, the more questions there are about why on earth Maatsen wasn’t considered good enough.

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