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Gary Neville makes a joke with Todd Boehly compares him to Ed Woodward of Man UTD

Gary Neville have said that Todd Boehly is behaving like Ed Woodward when he first came to Manchester United when he wanted to sign everyone he could get his hands on

Same issue could be seen with Chelsea as the owner is trying to sign as many people as he can but not knowing that the clubs problem does not lie with these signings but with a good Coach and a responsive team.

Speaking about this to SportBible Gary Neville said;

“Marc Cucurella for £64m and Enzo Fernandez for £107m — that’s a full-back and a midfielder who will sit at the base of a three”

“The ceiling on those types of players — like Rodri, Fabinho, Casemiro — they are £50-60m positions”

“These aren’t players that are playing in the forward part of the pitch and scoring you 30 goals, so what they’re paying for the positions, what they’re getting for the money, they just seem like strange transfers.
“I’m not saying the players are no good. They could be really good and could go on to be great. But the fees for players in those positions seem mad to me.”

Neville clearly does not understand the inflation in the transfer market, when it comes to Enzo Fernandez, Chelsea aren’t just paying for the present, they are paying for the future as well, Enzo is only 21 years old and can develop his game even more as season’s go on, even though he is very complete already.

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