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Enzo Fernandez and Madueke Fulham Debuts breaks a 114 years old record standing since 1909; Here is how

A record which has been running for over 114 years which started since 1909 has been broken by Noni Madueke and Enzo Fernandez in their respective EPL Fulham debuts.

Here is the record they broke and how.

Can you name them all?

It shows just how crazy this year has been. Our summer activity was considerable, but not totally extraordinary. What happened in January on the other hand, was next level, and

Graham Potter will be delighted to have all these players to choose from, but integrating so many at the same time will be a real challenge.

To sum up the situation, as we all saw in the Unseen Extra video from Chelsea TV the other day, there are some players without space in the main dressing room, who have been given places in a little side annex.

Who needs a metaphor when you’ve got something like that just staring you in the face…

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