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(Video): Who is really making the decisions at Chelsea? Pundits question the Chelsea UCL squad

As at the recent times the squad selection for Chelsea for the UCL coming up in a few weeks time is being questioned by pundits and they ask if Potter was really the person making the player Decisions at Chelsea.

Aubameyang’s absence in Chelsea UCL squad spoke volume as he is the only natural number 9 Chelsea has and yet he is not in the UCL squad which leaves the question, Is Potter really the person running things at Chelsea?

Frank Lebouef was more curious about why Christian Pulisic – who is injured, has had a poor season, and more importantly has a host of players competing with him for minutes now – is still in, while Stevie Nichol summed his feelings up pretty succinctly:

“Who is running things there?” the former Liverpool player questioned.

You can see their discussion in the clip embedded here:

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