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My weakness is becoming too obvious; Potter cries out as Chelsea continue to perform poorly

My weakness is becoming too obvious; Potter cries out as Chelsea continues to perform poorly.

Potter knows his days at Chelsea could be numbered as he has tried to do everything possible to bring the Chelsea team around the winning side in the EPL but has failed.

Speaking to Chelsea’s official website Potter said;

“January is very complicated. You want things to be more optimal but at the same time, we know we are in a transition period. It was always a case of managing in challenging circumstances, but I am not complaining. It will test my attributes and qualities, and that is something to be happy about.

“Yeah of course [any coach would love to be in his position]. It is a fantastic football club and really exciting. You should never really compare yourself to somebody else, as you don’t know their circumstances and context.

“In any job, there comes challenges, but clearly also positives. Anybody that works for Chelsea should be excited and be grateful.”

He added: “You can see the profile of players we have brought in, they are exciting for both now and the future. They can improve and get better as the team develops. It is an investment from both parties and is a long-term commitment. We need some stability, and we need to progress the team, which is the challenge.”

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