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Enzo Fernandez finally reveals the EPL top player he is learning from and you won’t believe who it is

Enzo Fernandez in a closed door interview was asked which player inspires him the most and who he is probably learning from and his response will shock you.

According to Enzo, his inspiration comes from an Ex Chelsea player who did not manage to get a minute in the Chelsea senior team.

He represents the true culture war of the modern football fan – academy lovers who want to see a local boy some back and kill it, versus those who cast their eyes over the whole world and want the best of the best.

That’s what makes is so beautiful that Enzo Fernandez, the star midfielder in world football at this moment, and a player who has just signed for Chelsea on a UK transfer record, has said he “learns from” Rice and likes to watch him play.

You can see our new midfielder speaking in the clip embedded here:

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