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Jamie Carragher; Even after £600m spend, Chelsea fans should get comfortable with this Poor performances

Again, Jamie Carragher Points Chelsea’s ‘glaring problems’ after spending £600million on transfers.

It is hard to imagine that Chelsea is not going to have a smooth season after the hefty spending this January transfer window and Fulham is the first to really knock them.

Carragher suggests that fans may have to get use to similar performances and results for the remainder of the season, claiming that Potter has a tough task ahead managing his new squad.

‘The problem it gives you is integrating the players, is he almost feeling like he’s starting again with a new team,’ the Liverpool legend told Sky Sports.

‘But also, they start with one front three and they finish with a different front three. It’s because you’ve got the options on the bench and because you’ve got those players you feel like, “Well go on, throw them on”, but then does that actually build a togetherness and flow?

‘Eventually he has to pick his front three. Obviously it’s not going to happen right away but over the next few months you have to build patterns through a back four, through a midfield three and the front three.’

Finding the back of the net has been Chelsea’s main issue this season, as they rank 12th in the league for goals and have failed to score in seven of their last 10 games across all competitions.

The lack of an effective No.9 has hurt the team and it’s a problem that has only been compounded after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was axed from their Champions League squad.

‘You go back to how much they’ve spent, £600m, and that will keep getting mentioned. But the thing that leaves you scratching your head a little bit is: they haven’t got a striker!’ Carragher added.

‘They’ve spent £600m without really buying a striker. I know they’ve got Nkunku coming next season but there’s nothing really there right now.

‘It looks like Aubameyang is not in the Champions League squad either. So it does feel really glaring that one big position for them on the pitch.’

Potter will be hoping that more time with his new players can fix some of these issues before Chelsea’s next game next Saturday when they travel to West Ham.

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