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Here is why Mudryk was subbed of at the critical moment; Graham Potter explains

When the match was at its peak and all players need to be on their highest tentacles, Graham Potter subbed off Mudryk and this caused the team to lag as we all see his contribution but he has explained why he subbed him off and here is what he said;

After the game, Graham Potter was asked for more information about the change, with journalists keen to figure out if it was tactical or thanks to an injury.

Potter explained that the change was due to a “heavy cold” that the Ukraine star had.

That’s just… odd. If he’s got such a bad cold that he had to be taken off, why did he start the game at all? We had two great options on the bench in the same position in Noni Madueke and Raheem Sterling, and both of them contributed more as subs than Mudryk did as a starter.

Perhaps Potter is just protecting the new signing.

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