Potter in delima as he makes Champions league squad choice; Enzo starts and Kante in doubt

Graham Potter has found himself in delima as he makes Champions league squad choice; Enzo Fernandez starts and N’golo Kante in doubt to start for Chelsea even after returning from Injury.

Chelsea and Graham Potter face an extremely tough call to decide who makes the cut for Champions League registration. It comes as an immediate downside to their winter spending is put under the microscope in Europe.

With six new players available for selection for the rest of the season Potter must whittle it down to three that can be added to their squad for the remaining European games. Due to UEFA rules they can add a maximum of three no matter how many players they were to deregister.

After Jorginho’s departure and with only 24 out of a possible 25 players listed earlier in the season, Chelsea must also ensure that one more player is taken out before the three can be added. With a host of new names available, it will be a tricky choice as to who makes the cut.

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