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Graham Potter justifies the huge fee Chelsea paid to land Enzo Fernandez; Here is what he said

Graham Potter justifies the huge fee Chelsea paid to land Enzo Fernandez deal from Benfica even when Kovacic was demanded as an add on; Here is what he said.

As cited by The Guardian, Potter said: “I can understand it, absolutely. Every transfer is a gamble. If you look at the market for midfield players – [even] midfield players that haven’t won the World Cup – you’ll be quoted a lot of money.

“We’ve got a player with a huge personality. He played in the midfield for Argentina that won the World Cup. He has attributes that can help him play in any league in the world.

“He has already played well in the Champions League. We followed him before the World Cup; we knew about him anyway. We’re confident on the personality. It’s like anything: he’s still a young person, he’s still a young man coming to this country. You’ve got to adapt to the club. But we’ll help him with that and his personality is one where you think: ‘Oh, I’ve got no worries about him.’

“He’s a fighter. I think he understands how fortunate he is. He fights for the team. He’s got courage, he’s open-minded. If you’re playing as the No 6 for Argentina and you’re playing the big games he’s played in at his age, and with the quality he’s shown, it’s not straightforward to have those attributes.”

Chelsea have no doubt landed one heck of a player here!

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