Danny Murphy mentions two Man UTD and City players that are better than Overpriced Chelsea signings; Here they are

Danny Murphy have again in protest towards Chelsea signings, mentions two Man UTD and Man City players that are better than Overpriced Chelsea signings; Here they are.

Its somewhat true that these players are deemed as better but they are already playing in the EPL as at now so this renders credibility to the idea that they could be better than Enzo Fernandez until he plays in the EPL.

“Chelsea are overpaying for players, I still don’t think the majority of their first XI gets anywhere near Man City’s team. I’ve watched Enzo Fernandez live and he’s decent… But he’s not Casemiro, he’s not Rodri. They’re overspending on players, clubs are seeing Chelsea come and they’re basically just pulling their pants down.”

Although there is no doubt that Casemiro is a better player than Fernandez, it is a slightly unfair comparison due to the age disparity between the two.

At 30 years of age, Casemiro is in the prime of his career, having won an incredible eighteen trophies. The Brazilian has been there and done it all, with nothing to prove to anyone.

In contrast, Fernandez has been in Europe seven months, having moved from River Plate to Benfica last summer before arriving at Stamford Bridge.

Murphy is, of course, right to point out that United have got the better deal in terms of value for money when recruiting Casemiro.

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