Another failed Liverpool Ex player claimed Chelsea overpaid for just ordinary players; What he said

It is just funny how Chelsea overpaid for just ordinary players everyone else could get for far lesser; Former Liverpool player Danny Murphy claims.

It seems like Chelsea is a better option for these people to talk about rather than their former club Liverpool and the fact that they are doing significantly worse than Chelsea after selling Mane and even after buying Nunez who misses goals more than pouring water into a basket.

Speaking on talkSPORT, he stated: “I think they are overpaying for players and I still don’t think the majority of their first XI gets anywhere near [Manchester] City’s team.”

He added on Fernandez: “Not really. I watched a few of his games live. He’s decent, but not worth £100million. They’ve been absolutely bent over there.”

Murphy added: “He’s a good midfielder, tenacious, young, gets on the ball and is brave.

“But he’s not Rodri, not Casemiro. They are overspending on players and people are seeing them coming and they are taking their pants down.” 

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