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Ahead of Fulham Clash, Potter opens up he is excited to work with Enzo Fernandez; What he said

Graham Potter has offered his first statement and commendation of Enzo Fernandez and has stated that he is delighted to work with him. Here is a full transcript of what he said about Enzo.

Speaking about Enzo in a pre match conference Potter said;

‘We’re very pleased to have Enzo with us,’

‘We’ll see whether he can be involved tomorrow, we’ve got to get through the paperwork and make sure he gets the relevant clearance and all of that stuff.

‘I’ve spoken with him today. My Spanish isn’t the best and his English isn’t great, so we needed to lean on the translator but we’ll get there.

‘He is an impressive young man and we’re looking forward to working with him.’

‘I’m the head coach so I don’t get too involved in the nitty gritty of deadline day,’ Potter added. ‘I am just totally focused on the next day’s training and preparing the team for Fulham.

‘I’ve been involved too long to know that there are some things you can’t control and I couldn’t do anything at that point to change things. I found out that we’d signed Enzo when it was all done and I’m very pleased, because he is a fantastic player.’ 

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