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‘Enzo Fernandez Has left Portugal’ Benfica Chief confirms a positive news for Chelsea

There is still multiple good news coming to Chelsea from the Portuguese giants as they have confirmed that Chelsea prime target has already left Portugal on his way to England.

It’s all going on today and at the the time of writing it is not even 8am! That sets us up for one crazy January transfer deadline days coming up.

Chelsea are going to be well in the mix of things with a number of potential late departures and arrivals at the club.

There’s a lot potentially to go on today at Stamford Bridge and places across Europe, with The Blues working on a number of late deals still. They are going to be very busy.

The main one of course is trying to get Benfica midfielder Enzo Fernandez over the line before tonight’s deadline, and there is a bit of positive news on this one coming out this morning.

According to Record, as below, Rui Pedro Braz, Technical Director for Benfica, has left Portugal for plan B, in case Enzo Fernandez heads to Chelsea. This is a good sign for Chelsea for sure.

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