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Enzo close to Joining Chelsea; Benfica boss changes mind in the last minute

There seems to be the last minute swap and this has caused the Benfica manager to change his mind on Enzo Fernandez transfer. With this latest development, Enzo is on his way to Chelsea.

He’s speaking ahead of the Eagles’ game against Arouca tomorrow in the Primeira Liga, but nobody wants to hear about that match – they want to know about his star player, and whether he will be at the club in two days’ time.

You can see the manager’s words in the Tweets embedded here:

It seems a pretty clear change of stance from the last few times we’ve heard from Schmidt, and he’s no longer so certain or so defiant. We would imagine he’s had word from upstairs letting him know that Chelsea are not letting go, and he should start preparing his fans for losing a star player.

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