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Aguero gives verdict on Enzo Fernandez joining Chelsea and here is what he said

It all seems like the former teammate of the Chelsea prime target knows something we do not as he is making some kind of bold statements on Enzo joining Chelsea and he could be right.

Sergio Aguero knows Enzo from the Argentine national team, and while Aguero didn’t point specifically to Chelsea, he made a deal sound almost inevitable:

“From my understanding, it’ll be a short time until he arrives either to the Premier League or La Liga,” Aguero said.

“The thing is, the World Cup can be a great display window. You can really tell who are the players that make a difference, and there’s obviously a boost to the champions too. Maybe we’ll see Enzo Fernandez in the Premier League soon.

“The World Cup’s best young player award is nothing to scoff at.”

There aren’t many people scoffing – in fact the youngster is being touted as the top option on the market by most fans.

Nobody in La Liga is paying £102m for Fernandez anytime soon, and nobody else in the Premier League seems close either. The picture may change in the summer, but it feels like if it’s going to happen now, it’s Chelsea or nothing.

The clock is ticking.

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