Transfer Madness: Chelsea willing to offer their top rated striker for a chance to sign Vlahovic

In what we could only describe as transfer Madness, Chelsea is now looking to offer their top rated striker for a chance to sign Vlahovic.

I do not see significantly what Vlahovic has done in his former club to warrant such a huge changes Chelsea is willing to make to bring him in or is this just a quest to bring in new names into the club?

A pretty audacious claim is being made from the Italian press this morning involving Chelsea.

It’s one that we would be very wise to take with a large pinch of salt right now, but according to Calcio Mercato, the next player Chelsea are targeting after a spree of new signings this month, is Dusan Vlahovic from Juventus.

The report claims that Chelsea are considering offering Kai Havertz as part of the deal to convince Juventus to part ways with their attacker.

Personally I do think that Havertz’s Chelsea future will be in doubt in the summer, but the source of the info can be rather hit or miss at times, so I’d be very surprised if this is at all being considered by the club right now. I do not doubt at all though, that Vlahovic is on the radar as Chelsea lack a true number 9 and it’s something they do need.

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