Todd Boehly pulls out of race to buy latest major sports franchise

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly is not going further with a franchise that will add value to Chelsea and this has angered some fans

Todd Boehly has his fingers in many pies, especially in the sporting world. Chelsea were just his latest acquisition in a network of clubs, franchises and teams.

But one he won’t be buying is the Washington Commanders. NBC Sports are reporting that Boehly has pulled out of the race to buy the beleaguered NFL team whose current owner is drowning in lawsuits, complaints and general bad vibes.

Given recent NFL sales like the Denver Broncos, who were sold for $5bn, this would have been a monstrous purchase – although much like with Chelsea, he would have brought together a whole group of fellow rich people to share the load.

As Chelsea fans, we should probably be happy. The more focus he has on us the better. The last thing we want is him getting distracted by a new shiny toy. For now, it seems his focus will remain on Chelsea, even though he’s no longer our interim sporting director of course.

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