Chelsea top injury players train together today rekindles hope for a better team

Chelsea is looking like they will be having a more better matches in the coming days as it is now seen that the top two injury players are seen training together today.

There was major excitement from fans seeing Reece James and Ben Chilwell out working with the rest of the team on Tuesday, and according to Adam Newson they’ve kept that up all week.

This weekend’s game will doubtless be too soon, and Newson points out that Chelsea “will not rush them,” especially given both have had setbacks on these injuries already.

But after this Saturday’s early kick off there are 13 days until we face Fulham, which could well be enough time for both to get close enough to match fitness to consider coming off the bench in that game.

Combined with the new signings and some time on the training field, this week could truly be a turning point for this season, and maybe for the future of the club.

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