Matt Law gives verdict on sacking Graham Potter; Says it is not even discussed yet

Potter getting sacked is not even close: All Chelsea squad will have to be cleared before Potter will be sacked.

Looks like Chelsea is giving this man way more than he needs and I cannot just help but wonder what position he wants to lead Chelsea to before he gets sacked.

Big Chelsea news comes from none other than Matt Law, who is clearly gearing up again after a break over the holiday season.

With the team suffering loss after loss, there is enormous pressure on manager Graham Potter, and the world is waiting to see how the new ownership will deal with this early crisis. According to Law, they’re holding heir nerve. He says the possibility of sacking Potter “has not even been discussed”, and in fact that the Clearlake Capital group would prefer a “squad clear out” to improve things.

It’s nice to see some faith in a manager – but we’re not sure how we could possibly need a clearout any more than we do already. Window after window we’ve bought more players without getting rid of the old ones, and the bloat has reached crazy levels.

Even if Potter turns things around and wins every game from now until the end of the season, there is going to have to be a slew of sales.

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