Graham Potter admits managing Chelsea is the hardest job in his career ever

Graham Potter admits managing Chelsea is the hardest job in his career ever.

Graham Potter has admitted that he is having his hardest of jobs right now managing Chelsea as they say bigger jobs comes with the biggest of responsibilities.

Graham Potter has been speaking ahead of Chelsea’s game against Fulham tonight, and the embargoed section of the press conference that came out last night has provided some very interesting quotes, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Potter says he probably has the hardest job in football due to the expectations and the fact the club has just undergone some massive changes.

Chelsea have been one of the biggest clubs in world football during the Roman Abramovich era, so expectations to win will be there, naturally, and this is what Potter has been talking about.

“Change is a challenge in any organisation,” explained Potter before Thursday night’s trip to Fulham. We have to deal with the new and we have to build things up again because things have changed, things have gone and left.

“That’s part of the challenge to come and I understood that things would be difficult from a leadership perspective. It is a challenge, stimulating and ridiculously hard.

“It is probably the hardest job in football because of that leadership change and the expectation – because, rightly, where people see Chelsea.

“I have the utmost respect for Thomas Tuchel and what he achieved here in terms of winning the Champions League, so I can understand that (the chanting).

“What the previous ownership has done before is fantastic. But this is a new era, a new chapter and, we’re going through some pain and it’s difficult at the moment. Obviously, I understand their frustration, I appreciate their support because there is support there but I also understand there is a bit of pain we have to go through as well.

“After a game I am not a very pleasant person, in terms of it hurting me.

“When you lose, or don’t get the results, it is painful. It affects your family. As much as you try to have balance and perspective, I am a human as well and it is a struggle.

“My family know there are pluses and minuses to the job. And ultimately, I am not after pity here. I am grateful and privileged to be here. I mean, wow, what else could you be doing with your life? Worse.

“It is pain, but then life can be more painful. Life can really kick you and you have to recover from it, deal with it. At the same time, you have to take responsibility. What am I going to do? Be the Chelsea manager and not expect pressure, trouble, challenge, stress? It would be strange of me to do that.

“You have to take responsibility. You have to lead the group and lead the team.”

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