Tension at Chelsea as Aubameyang pushes to leave and some fans love this

Tension at Chelsea as Aubameyang pushes to leave and some fans love this.

This is no longer news that Aubameyang is no longer happy at Chelsea and this is the time he has started pushing to leave the club for the better and some Chelsea fans actually love this new development.

Some Chelsea fans have stressed that Aubameyang is no longer performing very well like the time they bought him and as such he can as well leave.

Nizaar Kinsella has reported today.

We’re negotiating for Joao Felix – who is expected to sign today or tomorrow on a 6 month loan – and in the process of that there seems to have been some discussion over Aubameyang.

Atletico have already let Matheus Cunha go to Wolves, so they will be down two attacking players in the window. Aubameyang wouldn’t be able to play for them as he’s already featured for Chelsea and Barcelona this season, but the piece seems to indicate that this move would be for next summer.

That’s rather confusing – as Felix will be back in Madrid by then. But perhaps the Spanish side are considering their chances of moving Felix to Chelsea permanently in the summer, and working out what they’d want in return.

It’s not worked out for him at Chelsea, and moving him anywhere at this stage looks like it would be a bonus.

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