Chalobah Opens up about Chelsea defeat to Man City; City made us look like kids

The whole Chelsea team looks like they are all messed up and after the defeat yesterday it was only Trevoh Chalobah who came out to address the whole team performance.

Speaking about the performance of Chelsea yesterday Trevoh Chalobah said;

“As a team collectively we didn’t put enough pressure on them,” Chalobah sighed after the game.

“They had a lot of time on the ball, a lot of space. Conceding three goals against any team is not good, and that was game done really. It was difficult.”

You can say that again. City made Chelsea look like a school team at times.

Of course there was more to it than that, and the Blues were just as bad with the ball as they were without it. But the whole tone of the game was set by the lack of press or pressure from Chelsea, who were all too happy to let Man City work the ball from side to side.

Without the leadership required to get organised and get in their faces, we never had a chance.

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