“Shut up, Graham!” Chelsea is not allowing any excuses deter them from achieving things

“Shut up, Graham!” Chelsea is not allowing any excuses deter them from achieving things.

Graham Potter has continued to Fight the good fight trying to bring Chelsea out of the deep places they find themselves towards the end of the season and it is not going to be an easy fight I can promise you that.

but then Graham Potter will just need to shut up and address issues as they are met as he is looking to be talking too much and getting angry quite easily with interview questions.

Potter isn’t looking for any excuses though, and the embargoed section of his latest press conference has provided some very interesting words from Potter, who has come out fighting.

He says that he is more confident now of achieving things at Chelsea as he gets his feet further under the table and settled in at the club.

As reported by The Telegraph, Potter says:

“It’s not like I was jumping at the first opportunity to leave Brighton. I had other opportunities to leave, but this one felt like the right one because of the owners, because of the support that they would give, and that has proved to be the case. They have been fantastic.

“I think they’re absolutely in line with where we’re at, in line with what we want to do. I’m more confident now that we can achieve things than I was when I started the job because I understand the club, the players and understand what’s needed. But, obviously, with the past of Chelsea, with the changes in management, you can see why questions are asked.

“But I’ve been here for four months. If people are going to judge me on those terms and in that time period, when you consider how many games we’ve had and the challenges we’ve had, that’s fine.

“I can give you a counter argument in terms of my career and in terms of what I’ve achieved and the people in the game who would consider my quality. All I know is that I have the total support of the guys above and the players and the staff.

“I’m not sitting here as some egomaniac who has all the answers and gets everything right, of course that’s not the case. We have had a massive transition, problems in terms of injuries don’t make it easy to be stable, but it’s sort of blah, blah, blah, isn’t it? People want to see results and, ‘Shut up, Graham. What are you talking about? We need to win’.” 

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