Chelsea boss Potter assures fans of Victory against Man City in FA Cup

Potter will not have another trick to pull other than trying to appeal with the angered fans that todays match will go in their favor and that is what he just did.

In his recent pre match interview he stressed to the fans and assured them that there will be changes, here is the full transcript of what he said;

Potter says: “We always want to try and compete for trophies, absolutely we do.

“In terms of how that gets measured, you have to take the season as it is and analyse it at the end of the campaign. We’re not halfway through the season yet, there’s still lots to play for.

“We’ve got a game in a cup competition that of course we want to do well in. We want to go through, that’s for sure, and we want to compete.

“Obviously we have a difficult game in terms of playing Manchester City at their place but you saw from the other night, we matched them for large periods of the game and gave a pretty spirited performance. We need to do the same again today and try to improve.”

The manager also said of their current form: “We’re trying to go day to day with regards to improving and looking at how we can make the team better. We can acknowledge that the team hasn’t always functioned as well as we would have liked it to but there’s lots of reasons for that.

“I can’t sit here and say I’m a perfect person, so clearly there’s things for me to improve and I haven’t done everything right.

“At the same time, there are some factors that take into consideration where we are at. That’s for other people to judge and have a perspective on.

“For me it’s about how we keep on improving, how we can get better and compete and then at the end of the season, you assess what’s happened.” 

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