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Chelsea owner opens up on sacking Graham Potter after poor run of games; Here is what he said

Chelsea owner opens up on sacking Graham Potter after poor run of games; Here is what he said.

This report is according to an insider who we believe have all the right details about what is going on inside Chelsea.

Reports have been coming in and the cries of Chelsea fans have been heard by the management on sacking Graham potter and after a while. Chelsea owner have dished out his own mind regarding the speculation of sacking Graham Potter and this is what he said.

Graham Potter after poor run of games have received some level of criticism and in a high number to say the least but he does not look to be looking wane as he is eager to take on Man City and show why he should be kept but this should be a general knowledge that if Potter manages to fall out of the top 4 he will be sacked.

According to the said Chelsea inside Jacob on sacking Potter he said;

Jacobs said: “Potter hasn’t even had a transfer window and deserves time, something he was promised when joining, so it would be very harsh and unwise to make a knee-jerk change right now. This is not what the board wants.

“The whole point of hiring Potter was a belief he was the right fit, both as a coach but also within a newly-built recruitment team. It’s Potter’s role in the latter that will probably buy him time. Potter met with Chelsea co-owner Behdad Eghabli during the World Cup break and left even more confident Chelsea’s owners aren’t going to react to this poor run of form.

“January is a key month for Potter, though. Missing out on Champions League football, but showing progress and a clear identity, is one thing. But falling into the bottom half of the table and thus potentially missing out on the top four by a big distance is another thing altogether.

“So the next six weeks are particularly crucial. Chelsea have Manchester City, Liverpool and a series of London derbies all leading up to Dortmund in the Champions League the day after Valentine’s Day. Potter needs a big win, against a Champions League rival, to change the mood a little. But internally at the club I am told things are still pretty calm.”

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