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Chelsea may face one big problem in signing world-class player Enzo Fernandez as revealed by Simon Johnson

Chelsea is in serious talks to sign World Cup winner Enzo Fernandez this January but may likely face one big problem as the transfer talk proceeds.

According to reports, talk is ongoing between Chelsea and Enzo Fernandez but Chelsea has a certain price in mind which may not be accepted by Enzo Fernandez’s agent.

West London has set their number one midfielder target to Enzo Fernandez and Jude Bellingham but currently progressing with talks with Enzo Fernandez and his agent.

In an interview with Graham Potter, the club is ready to sign the Argentina international but is not ready to pay a such huge amount and won’t be pressured into doing that.

Considering the already hype over the Argentina international move to Chelsea, fans are interested in pushing the prize higher if possible.

Sports Journalist who reported the news quote:

Talks are ongoing for Enzo Fernandez but Chelsea has a price in mind and it isn’t that high, they are not planning on paying such a high sum and will not be pressured into doing so.

Chelsea’s number 1 midfield targets are Enzo Fernandez and Jude Bellingham.

As for all the hype over a possible Fernandez transfer, it is obviously in some people’s interest to push the price as high as possible hence why it is being played out so publicly.

Simon Johnson – The Athletic


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