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Here is the Position Kai Havertz should be playing for Chelsea Graham Potter opens up

Here is the Position Kai Havertz should be playing for Chelsea Graham Potter opens up

So in the recent games we can see a significant improvement with Kai Havertz and this is all thanks to the modification Graham Potter made. When he was asked where Kai loved to play here is what he said.

The man Chelsea thought they had bought when they brought in the German playmaker is now who they are finally getting in return thanks to Graham Potter and his fast thinking to get him on track just as fast.

During a pre match interview this morning Graham Potter have said that there is a position Kai loves playing and there he performs at his best and here is what he said in full;

“Kai is only 23,’ Potter begins. “He came into this country on the back of a fantastic period in Germany but he’s still a young player.

“You can’t do anything about the price tag and all that goes with that, and there’s an expectation, but he’s still a young player that’s learning the game and has fantastic quality. I think as a nine he gives you the flexibility and variability in the game. He can drop in but he can also threaten the backline and he can score. So I like him in that position.

“With the period that we’ve had, we’ve had to adapt a few things. It’s nice to get that clarity [on position], but sometimes it’s not possible. The players are multifaceted in terms of their qualities so they can play in a few positions. And Kai is one of those.

“I have to make the [team selection] decision based on what I think every day in training and Kai is a German International who scores goals and plays for the German national team, and looking at his goal record there, it is elite level. Whenever he’s played there, he’s managed to score and he’s also contributed to the team.”

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